Stanton Barrett Family Wines and Renée Guercia Studios have collaborated to make beautiful labels.

Just as being an Artist who paints on canvas, there is an intricate Art to making good wine, which is why the two worlds collide so gracefully, and how Stanton Barrett of Stanton Barrett Family Wines and Renée Guercia, of Renée Guercia Studios have merged their brands.


Stanton Barrett Wine Proprietor, along with Renée Guercia Artist, have joined both these worlds to create incredibly beautiful labels, from Renée Guercia's paintings for some of Stanton Barretts outstanding wines.


Barretts Ethereal Reserve is just one of the exquisite Sauvignon Blanc Reserves in a plethora of wines that Stanton Barrett Family Wines makes. For more information and to purchase this award winning wine go to:

Every glass of wine is a courtship, an encounter with mother earth

Wine is the only work of Art you can drink!


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